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Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Money Worries Put Aside At Walsall

Amidst the financial chaos at Villa Park football is still being played. Only against fairly low minnows, mind you, but footie nevertheless and last night it was a 4-1 win at Walsall, with Villa utilising what appeared to be virtually the first choice team in the first 60 minutes barring those not yet back from World Cup duty. Albeit that Grealish may now have played his last game, and strong rumours of Chester leaving as well. To add to that there is the possibility of players like Jedinak, Bjarnasson, Albert and Kodjia also going to bring in some much-needed 'readies'.

So was last night's team performance anything much to go by? The main thing that caught my eye was that Villa were playing good purposeful football and along the ground. That was good to see, and players like Hourihane (hat-trick hero but two of 'em were somewhat lucky!), Lansbury and Whelan looked pretty much on song.

But I was looking a lot at Jack Grealish. He is a well-balanced footballer without a doubt, and with some skill, but against a team like Walsall he should have taken them apart and yet he seemed short of pace and shooting accuracy with which to do so. Though he would suit Villa well in the upcoming couple of years, my feeling is that if Villa can get £20m-plus for him then it would be money well earned. That's not to say I don't want him, it's just that I do not see him as being a great player: but perhaps life at Spurs may improve Jack. I think Villa can make progress without him, especially as others are coming through the ranks.

Kodjia, I have to say, is disappointing me. He seems out of sorts with the rest of the team. By now I would have expected him to come bursting onto the scene again, but against lowly Walsall he hardly had a meaningful touch.

And that's the real story I think. That despite all the talk of major players going, there remains a residue of experienced and young talent that can still make strides. For me the main worry is the centre-forward spot and whether that can be filled properly.


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