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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

The Media Isn’t What It Was

I don't like to remind about the old Villa motto: "Prepared". Over recent years the word was adulterated by the way in which the club was being steered, off and on the pitch.

Well, we are now presented with not one but three "P" words: "Passion, Pride, Purpose." These are the words now emblazoned on the club's re-vamped Villa Park shop, formerly called "Villa Village", but now called "Villa Store".

But, just like the old motto, there's not much point in having this emotive vocabulary unless there's some substance behind it, is there? We all too well remember that slogan "Proud History, Bright Future", don't we?

Are we in for yet another media-driven ride?

Well, until we start seeing some solid movement in the transfer market, followed by relevant performances on the pitch, we won't know what to think, I suggest. So far we are being fuelled by positive signals from the new owner, and that is good, but until that and the "three P's" are translated into action, they unfortunately don't mean more than an intention.

But as we've so recently been made to experience the horrors of yet another England damp squib in international competition, Aston Villa's horror story of last season seems to ebb into history with a realisation that football problems don't just exist at Villa Park. Too many English footballers clearly over-rate themselves, aided by a hyper-active media. As the wonderful lady Hannah Hawkswell has observed: "The media isn’t what it was". (Click here)

And if it wasn't for the recent passion and achievement of Leicester City to offer as an example, I would wonder if football any longer had anything of integrity to offer.

As Leicester and Iceland have reminded us, there is hope provided the spirit and work-ethic is there, 3 "P's" or no "3 P's".

C'mon the Villa!