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Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Maybe There Is A Future?

Well, having regained a little composure after the trauma of recent weeks, a little cogitation causes me to be calmer. No, I am not now full of hope exactly but at least I'm not feeling the worst is about to happen to Aston Villa.

We seem to have had an assurance that the Doctor is staying; he's not selling-up. How he intends to run the club and whether he's dispensing with a separate CEO person is not clear right now; this remains a concerning aspect. Bruce is also staying. So, in terms of club management, there are some matters to be resolved that we can't read into just now, especially with regard to the finances. And selling the best of the players to help deal with this matter, including Grealish, seems to be the way that's needed. That, therefore, leaves the players we have left and the potential this forthcoming season.

For those who have argued that we should build from youth, this must surely be the time of striking when the iron is hot - to get those promising youngsters into action, combined with some of the more experienced players that remain. It is to Hutton's credit that he has wanted to stay after proving that, at this level at least, he has a lot to offer after all. And we appear to continue to have players like El Mohammedy and probably also Jedinak and Hourihane to put out on the field. It would be nice if a fully recovered Kodjia is available.

So, with an admixture of the younger players, the future cannot be so bad. My main concern is in the centre-back department and if Chester goes, as he might. That would be an important slot to fill properly. 

As for the possibility of promotion this season, well, it could be - but maybe not. It could well be there are a couple of seasons to go before we can talk more confidently about that. Until then, let's enjoy seeing the growth of some youngsters.

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