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Friday, 20 July 2018

Let's Hope For Brains at VP - As Well As Some Cash!

News that Dr. Xia seems to be at an "advanced" stage of negotiations with a Middle East consortium fills me with mixed feelings. The main one being that this would be the third takeover by a non-UK concern and, frankly, the club has not progressed since the days of the "Ellis OUT!" banners. The warning I issued then - all those years ago - was to be careful for what you wish for, and that fear, unfortunately, transformed into a reality.

One of the concerns for me now is that I understand that one of the groups interested in taking over at Villa Park, and which has effectively been rejected, is UK-based and includes people that are Villa supporters. Despite any shortcomings they might have, my feeling is that route would be preferable to another overseas takeover. But, of course, it's Xia that's in the seller's driving seat and can do what he wishes. Unfortunately.

But as someone has blogged or tweeted: "It's not billions [money] that's required but football brains!" Well, the reality is these days that you need plenty of cash as well to be even a reasonable success in football, but "brains" clearly have been in short supply at Villa Park this last 10 years or so.

So, we are left with a cloudy future no matter what happens now. All we can hope for is that the future shows at least a few sunny spells.


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