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Friday, 15 July 2016

A Sign Of Sunshine Arriving

The weather forecast seems to indicate a raising of the temperature fairly soon, and with that news comes the information from Villa Park that “Ian Taylor and Brian Little have held a meeting with chief executive Keith Wyness to discuss how to bring the good times back to the club”.

Now, tell me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this what the fans were asking the previous regime to do for so long? But no, the old guard knew better, exemplified by an occasion when, following my suggestion to the club to take up Charlie Aitken’s offer of valuable memorabilia to utilise in the supposed museum, General Krulak replied with the words “what would players know about what goes into a museum?” (or words to that effect). But I knew that after talking to Charlie for just 30 minutes he knew exactly what he was talking about. Well, what would an American general know about footballers – especially those that have played for the Villa, and one that holds a club record after 17 years of fine service.

But the old guard is well gone, the club has already got the air of a spring-clean about it, and a lot of right noises have been made. And we even have a new player who has said that signing for Villa is a “no brainer”.

Wow, it’s possible the real Aston Villa still exists after all!

There is clearly still much to be done: another couple of players are needed, and some dead wood needs to be cleared. But at least there is a sense of renewed optimism. And with the stalwart Stan Petrov around to give a particular kind of inspiration after his personal battles, the players should have a better feeling generated by him about reality rather than the uninspirational situation that previously existed for 4 years or more. Even ‘our Jack’ seems to have gained a re-newed sense of urgency, and at least he’s not refusing to play in the Championship. Well done Jack.

In May I very much had my doubts that Villa could get back to the top tier within a couple of years, but the change of ownership and the pleasant buzz that has been generated this last month or two has automatically raised my own level of optimism.

Let’s go, Villa! Back to the top!