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Saturday, 18 August 2018

Cylinders Misfiring?

Oh dear. We're still undefeated and yet it's not looking that rosy. 

I'm sorry to say that Villa are not delivering anything that great just now, as a team, though McGinn and Jack have shown up well. The new keeper and the Jedi between them nearly gave a goal away last week too, so it's not been too impressive in defence. So far we've played weaker sides so our position may be a little over-inflated.

I'm far from being convinced that the Jedi is the answer as a c-b, and yet we've just let the u-23 c-b (Suliman) out on loan! Perhaps Bruce expects to get 2 or 3 players in on loan to cover the cracks, but new players often take time to settle in.

At least Codger has scored! Perhaps that may take a strain off him. But Albert's looking out of sorts and I really do think that Green has to be preferred.

Unless something changes and one or two players buck up their ideas, this season may be more of a grind than anything. All we can do is live in hope that McGinn, Jack and Codger can do the job on their own! Aided, perhaps, by a Green, who could be a match-winner if he can step up a level or so.


Saturday, 4 August 2018

Hey Up, Here We Go Again!

The new season seems to have crept up on us. I've still not fully recovered from the finale to last season, followed immediately by the huge financial crisis and then, suddenly, stability again. A new footballing season has suddenly appeared when we've barely recovered from the situations just stated.

And the question is, "How will Villa fare?". I just don't know really. There are questions to be answered even though the squad still remains a strong one, especially with Chester being strongly committed and providing inspiration. But who will partner him? Perhaps Elphick as hopefully he's adjusted to Villa Park now, but will he be reliable? 

Jack would appear to be staying for some time yet, and in which case his continued presence still leaves us with a big query about the striker spot, with Kodjia often showing detachment from his colleagues in pre-season matches and various strikers remaining out of action through injury.

At the bottom of it all I remain opti, but opti with caution. The plus side is that we kick off the season with a stronger team than that which started last season, when Jack was injured and Gabby had to be called up for duty, and scored his last Villa goal. As per last season we need additions to the squad, and the return of Snodgrass is mooted. Well, if he does return he comes already tuned-up for life at Villa Park, so that would be one hurdle overcome.

But I really do hope that this season we see Green becoming a permanent fixture, and other youngsters besides.  They've earnt the right to be up there for selection.