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Sunday, 9 June 2019

Hope Springs Eternal. Especially at The Villa!

I understand that on Thursday we will get to know what the fixture list is for next season, Villa's 121st season in league football, half of which has been spent in the top-8 of the top tier, believe it or not. After the last 8 years it doesn't seem like Villa have been so prominent through most of their history, does it?

But let's not expect too much too soon. With at least half of the first-team squad up for replacement with new players from outside as well as a probable infusion from the reserves, such as O'Hare, I would be happy just to see Villa finish in the top-half this coming season. But what would be tasty is to have a good run in one or more of the Cups. It's about time we won one of those again!

What is good about the situation at Villa Park today is that I feel that there's a return to the kind of team spirit we saw when we gained excellent League Cup triumphs in 1994 and 1996. There's now a kind of determination in the team that says "thou shalt not pass", and if we can permanently bring in the likes of Mings, Hause and El Ghazi, players that showed strong commitment and skill last season, then I do indeed feel hopeful of it being a good season in 2019-20. Their signing as permanent players does, indeed, look very promising.

But what is daunting is that having unloaded a lot of players that clearly would not serve Villa's interest in the Premiership (with some sadness at some of those departures), there are still so many signings to make to fill the gaps. Yet, in a little over a month's time, we'll be into the pre-season run of friendlies, with the season itself starting on the 9th/10th August.

So, so, little time for preparation. But at least I have a lot better confidence in the setup that now exists at the Villa.

Up the Villa!

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Sunday, 2 June 2019

Another Villa Triumph! A New On-line History Magazine Series!

I am pleased to announce a 10-volume on-line magazine series of quality called "Aston Villa Through The Ages". Each of these volumes will be centred mostly around the players and particularly about long-serving playing legends of the club.

The very first purchaser made the comment: "a work of devotion", and added his praise.

All volumes are inexpensively downloadable in PDF form. An option for printing is provided. 

This series takes the opportunity also to bring the known history of Aston Villa completely up-to-date.

An additional attraction is that I welcome former Villa News & Record editor and leading Villa writer Rob Bishop, who has kindly agreed to write lead articles for the three 'Ages' from 1976 to 2012. 
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