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Thursday, 26 July 2018

A Breath Of Fresh Air!

Well, I can say that I can breathe more easily now that I've learnt that Steve "The Imperfect but Experienced" Bruce stays as Villa's managerial leader into the future. And also because Edens, one of the two new big investors, has stated: 
“We want to see Aston Villa restored to the highest levels of English football and do everything we can do to be good stewards of that.
“We think that nothing happens overnight. that was my experience with the Bucks and I think it'll be consistent with what it is here.
“We have very lofty goals for the club, the organisation and the fans and we want to be the best partners possible for that.”
Last night's run-out against West Ham showed that there's a distinct gulf between Vila's level and that of a Premiership club, but it was encouraging to see the later subs coming on and showing more urgency and a little more potency, with Green scoring a peach of a goal late on.

So, here we are. A new season about to open and every possibility that we'll be happier at the end of this 46-game season. It's by no means a certainty Villa will get promotion this time around, but so long as we're a bit more fortunate on the injuries stakes and so long as we'll find an adequate replacement for Grealish (for surely he'll still go), there's every reason to feel upbeat about the possibilities.

The two new investors clearly have a realistic attitude and now I feel a lot more confident about the club's ability to get there.

But, proof of what's on offer is only found in the eating!


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