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Thursday, 7 June 2018

What Is Villa's Future?

Following the very recent and unwelcome gleanings concerning finances at Aston Villa, I have to say that it was completely absurd that the chairman should take the financial and managerial gamble he did over the last 2 years. The only excuse he has is that it's his club, but if he'd had a clue about the sufferings Villa fans have had over the past 50 to 70 years (with a few highs, but not too many), it's a route he should have bypassed.

What should have happened, of course, is what many have wanted all along: the appointment of a manager that could have developed the younger players into a promotion outfit and as a true investment for the future.

However, not realising at the time that Xia was taking his so-risky gamble, I thought the appointment of Bruce was a sound one (a good option 2 if you like), and in view of the performances from December to May he was very unlucky not to steal promotion.

But the fact remains that at Xia's outset the policy should have been based on youth development with the very minimum of purchases. A big problem would still have been the dressing room issue, but with what I'd call a "proper manager" installed that could still have been dealt with.

In the light of the recent financial disclosures, a big question hangs as to how Xia intends to meet the future, even if his money becomes available. Or maybe he's intelligent enough to have learnt from all this.

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