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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Encore, Okore!

Well, there you go ... no soon as I mention the strangeness of Okore's non-appearance then he appears! The question is, after seeing the quality of his play last night, just why was he left out for so long? he looked totally at ease and gave Pelle no room at all. Added to that his distribution was fine.

Villa therefore proved that they can actually successfully play about four different and decent CB permutations! Well, it's PL's third season and the only thing that's been got reasonably right is the defence - mind you, there's not much cover for the full-backs.

But packing your own half with players means that you're dependent on breakaways, and you don't get many of those that provide big chances.

We had two such breakaways last night - we scored from one (their defence was asleep) and the other we should also have scored from. But in fact we ended the night with only one shot on goal - the one we scored from. Granted there were one or two other promising scrimmages.

At least we again have the prospect of a Benteke return very soon. But will he make that much of a difference without a creative midfield? PL seems to think we don't need to play 'em! We may not even see Delph in Villa colours again.

Three matches against three of the lowest in the league coming up. These will be very tough games ... if we get more than 3 points from them we'll be doing well.

Then there's Albyun.


Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Mystery Happenings at VP

For the last couple of years some strange things have been taking place at Villa Park. And one of the major 'things' has been the strange treatment of certain players.

We might have raised an eyebrow at the creation of the 'Bomb Squad' - the reason for which backfired enormously and eventually Hutton, N'Zogbia and Bent had to be re-assimilated into the first-team squad. Not playing them before must have been at some cost to Villa, although they were out on loan for periods. 

Since last season, however, the matter of Helenius has struck me as being particularly odd, and the fellow seems now to be anti-Villa. He just wasn't persevered with, but my guess is he would have been a good option in the absence of Benteke.

And now there is the matter of Okore, who many thought looked to be extremely promising before his untimely and lengthy injury last season. He appears even to have figured well in this season's pre-season matches, and yet Lambert said (in October) that he's not ready for the Premiership. Okore (I now read) appears to be getting anxious about his position and may be considering his options for the January transfer window. That Clark (as third/fourth choice) has been used adds some mystification to the situation as surely Okore would be a better option?

And there's the Jack Grealish scenario that also threatens to be categorised as another 'strange one' after he signed a new contract. And there are other players that have come and gone or been hidden away in the storage cupboard that we could ask many questions about.

All this (plus a few other things like some appalling records created under Lambert's watch) makes me feel that the chairman does not really have a clue. That the Browns are now doing so well in the States since Lerner vacated his seat seems to highlight that fact. Is he now being out-Fox-ed at Villa Park by someone who is taking advantage of Lerner's naiivity?

Aston Villa : RIP