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Thursday, 9 January 2014

To blog or not to blog, that is the question...!

Some may ask why I maintain this blog. Well, it's just to unload my thoughts about the Villa when the occasion arises; I don't feel the need to write something every day, or every week, but just when something 'grabs me'.

But I no longer write on any other blogs (except one, a monthly 'Then and Now' historical contribution to Jonathan Fear's Vital Villa site), so that's another reason to maintain this blog. I like to express myself in writing and this blog provides an outlet whenever I feel the need and I haven't something else on the go.

My drift away from other blogs (I was once very active on Villa Talk from about 12 years ago to fairly recent times) is because I became acutely aware of the vitriol that can be expressed - most of it graituously - towards people connected or loosely connected to the Villa. And, indeed, a blog that I recently joined as I felt it to be safe turned out to be a disappointment in that way. Even there, inaccurate and unpleasant comments were expressed against someone of another blog without any forethought (it would seem) that they might just be wrong on the issue. Even the blogmaster supported the writer. So I left when no withdrawal of the accusation took place, even though the matter was not directed at me.

Why does this vitriol occur? Well, football is an emotional experience for the fan, and there are sometimes when matters are affecting the fans so acutely that people simply discharge their emotions - assuming it's OK to do that, perhaps because someone else does it. But it is not OK. Is it justifiable to spit at someone in the street, in a restaurant or in the home? Of course not. We have a higher self. Let's find it and live by that.

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