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Sunday, 6 May 2018

You Need Two Legs To Stand On!

I've not written anything for awhile. I'm just one of those who likes to stand back and see how things are shaping up - the objective view I suppose, but some would say it's a strange thing to do about an emotive subject!

Anyhow, the end of the prescribed season has taken place. We finished 4th (and we knew that's how it would be before today) so therefore there should not have been any great expectation about today's match. Today was more about protecting regular players from injury and giving squad players a run-out in case they're needed during the play-offs, which is the real deal.

Boro is not going to be a straight-forward proposition, but at least we have the second leg at Villa Park. Even so, we should come away from their ground with at least a one-goal lead to create an expectant buzz at VP on the return. So long as we don't lose the first leg, that's the important bit.

So, let's concentrate on this coming next two legs and then think about the next step. We can only take one step at a time.

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