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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Who Are The Real Villa[i]ns?

We’re walking a difficult tithtrope aren’t we? On the one hand we have come to totally disrespect the top brass at t’ Villa, and yet on the other hand we have love for the club, built up over decades.

The question is, when addressing vitriol at the top brass, are we in effect hastening the demise of the club? 

You may think this question is absurd, but thoughts create reality and if the toxicity gets to reach the players too much – and the evidence suggests it has – then it can be counter-productive to a successful outcome to the season. “Successful” meaning to avoid relegation.

I am not for one moment supporting the owner – he has revealed an attitude which is twofold – surface (for presentation purposes) and real (which I see as incompetence), but I’ve come round to thinking that Remi Garde and the players on the pitch deserve every support.

The composition of the present squad is not the fault of the players – its construction has all been part of the top brass incompetence – but I’d say in Remi Garde we have a manager for the future. If he stays, of course. And if anyone can get something out of this lot then he can.

So, I say give the manager and the team plenty of backing. But at the same time keep flying a strong banner that reminds the top brass they’re not respected – without the vitriol: it never works.

Incidentally, the turnout last night was poor, but it was not exactly the kind of game that would attract a big attendance. It was merely a low-key Cup game. And the Cup is not the competition that we should be much concerned about, i.m.o. It merely provided an opportunity to see whether other players that have not been getting games could step up. Well, Grealish definitely didn’t, and if he can’t do it against WW, who can he do it against?

Collymore, Gabby and now Grealish. They’ve all purported to be Villa supporters, but have not measured up to that responsibility. In recent years, I can only think of Ian Taylor who has manned up.

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