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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

I don't like to groan, but...

It looks as though my attempt at being positive was entirely misplaced. 

And I think I can safely say that there are a lot of fans quietly coming up to boiling point.

How many more bad records have to be created and the fans made to suffer?

The whole way the team are motivated needs to change. They need to come onto the pitch looking as though they’re going to give the opposition a real game. At Everton, more pressure would have produced results against a slightly wobbly Everton defence, but they were to made to look good as Villa just didn’t test ‘em enough. Only two Villa players seemed truly committed (Hutton and Cleverley).

This is NOT the Villa of old. Even in the 50s, 60s and early 70s we had something to shout about during otherwise periods of lesser achievement, but now it's a continuous stream of awful performances. I can only think of one match (the 6-1 win over Sunderland) when the fans have looked really happy since 2011. That's more than 3 years of mostly very disappointing play and awful results.

I am not the only seething long-term fan: there a lot of others. 

One has said: "I have made most of the home matches for the last three seasons and have gradually become immune to the team playing on the pitch, and just continued to enjoy the ambience of the fans around me, but although a season ticket holder am beginning to feel that my time and money could be better spent elsewhere, until there is a rescue plan for this crumbling giant."

Can we have our Villa back please? 


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