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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Paul Faulkner

Mr. Faulkner, Villa's presumably erstwhile CEO, is moving on. I for one wish him well at a personal level, particularly as his very young son has a condition which will be challenging for his parents to deal with. 

In respect of his affair with Aston Villa, I believe this is a very good thing to have happened. With all due respect to him, Mr. Faulkner has been learning on the job, and you just cannot do that at such a level in a big sports operation that is Aston Villa. What has occurred in the four years he has held the post has seen Villa's standing plummet to a dangerous level - and I am sure that's not what we thought would be the result of Randy Lerner's takeover in 2006.

Now in bringing in Mr. Lerner's name I am bringing up the fact that it was he that appointed Mr. Faulkner after getting nowhere with two well-qualified CEOs - men that knew the game. The writing should have been on the wall for us to see then, for goodness sake! How come that two such men walked away from their jobs so easily? But, presumably because we had witnessed Mr. Lerner's very good work and investment in the refurbishment of the club, and that because he appeared to be backing his team manager, we became myopic. The result has been that the past four years have been a very painful time and I do not believe that it was necessary to go through all that. The club's fans have been given very short shrift in the main part during this time.

I hope - I really do hope - that we have the Bright Future that Mr. Lerner referred to in 2007. But we have to wait and see. However, I am sure we will not be quite so easily taken in by the new owner when he arrives. Would we be so foolish?

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