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Sunday, 22 December 2013

Now Let's Not Be Shot-shy this Christmas!

There is good news to report! ... It's the time of goodwill and it's also present-giving time. And it is just as well we have that as there is precious little to be enthused about as far as Villa are concerned.

After going five games without defeat and what I told myself was just a blip against Fulham, I had hoped that Villa would show up well against Man U and at least obtain a point, but it turned out to be same-old. And with yesterday's result, we have now completed another period of sadness, with three rather poor defeats on the trot. Yes, we have suffered various absences for one reason or another, but if these are players chosen for their ability to play in the top-flight they should be showing some of that ability.

On Boxing Day, the erstwhile claret and blue team - Crystal Palace - appear at Villa Park. On paper, this fixture against the bottom side would appear to be the opportunity for Villa to cast aside the shackles and bring back some cheer to Villa Park, but we all know that matches against bottom sides are never that easy. They usually tend to offer some resistance, and with wee Bannan in their ranks, they should not be regarded as push-overs.

I think at this stage all we ask for is something to cheer about, and with only three of Villa's eight home games producing a Villa goal or two this term, this is the time of year to bolster the fans for the remainder of the season.

So you Villans, get out your sights and aim for goal - you might just score if you try!

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