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Sunday, 30 December 2012

It Has To Be Fixed in January

To state what we all know (I suppose) ...

15 goals conceded in three games, and zero scored. Not the most conceded in 3 matches (the record is 17 - twice - in 1935-36), but the fact that 15 have been conceded with hardly a sign that any goals could have been scored creates the view that there are problems at both ends of the pitch. 0-15 equals an unwanted club record deficit for three back-to-back defeats (it equals 2-17 in 1935-36).

The calendar year 2012 produced 3 wins in 20 home matches ­- an unheard of record at Villa Park, a ground where once Villa reigned supreme. And 28 goals scored in the last 29 home league matches; 40 conceded (the last 2 seasons combined).

Villa Park now offers no fears for anyone.

A fair amount of that history is the responsibility of the previous managerial incumbant, but it is very sad there's no improvement in that home record. It does not mean to say that Lambert is to be regarded as having got it all wrong ... the fine away wins at Man City, Norwich and Liverpool bear testimony to that ... but if he does not get it adjusted in January then it's going to be a slippy slope he can't get out of.

The return of Vlaar and Gabby (and I would also say Warnock) is a must to bring some leadership back into the team, for although Clark is a striver he is (rightly) only the third-choice skipper.

The only thing that will cause me to regard Lambert as a loss is if he (as I admit he's intimating) does not bring in a couple of extra solid and experienced players in January - even if they're near retirement age.

It's up to Lambert ... this is his big chance to show what kind of managerial material he is. January is the key month - lose that and we're virtually certain to go down.

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