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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Signs of Stopping the Rot ... ?

When a 5' 2" opposing forward drops in to head a winner with 3 minutes to go then you really feel that Villa's season has become a big tester, and Albrighton's record of scoring the PL's 20,000th goal suddenly lost its lustre.

The fact that Villa showed that much more commitment is the biggest factor to draw from this match in which Arsenal fielded a weakened defence. As their defence is their Achilles Heel anyway, more the shame that Villa could not have found the accuracy to convert their performance into a win.

We have to hope that with two very difficult matches on the road, now, that Villa's commitment continues to be raised, for you have to make your own luck and not wait for the other teams to take over as seems to have been the case in the previous games against teams above us.

Not to make the effort can only be disastrous. Villa are now down to 12th and ... with Wigan fighting well and getting a point off a team Villa gave way to on Sunday ... there is now only a worrying 5 points between Villa and Wigan in 18th (relegation) place.

Come on the Villa, though we have had bad periods before in the club's history at least there's generally been a spirit to hearten their supporters. So far the season has been insipid ... please use the Arsenal performance as the turning point and get the season onto some kind of track so that we can see that this season has been just a transition and not a preview of future calamities.

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