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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Well, I think I'll take up knitting for a couple of weeks...!

I suppose it's no good me saying, "Hey! All four West Midlands' sides are lining up for relegation"?

No, that's avoiding the seriousness of Aston Villa's position; our own team has broken into the bottom three. Some fans were thinking more about the top 3 before the season began, but I think where we are says it all for now.

The positives? Not much, except to say there's 17 matches to go and a possibility of another 51 points. And the January window has only just opened, so something very good can (and must!) materialise.

We can only be patient and go round with a sellotape smile. The matter is still only sortable by the current manager, and he will have earned his salt if he can produce a mid-table finish at season's end.

Oh, and the players must decide that they really have to put a double shift into earning their pay.

Go Houllier!!


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